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Top 10 Burglary Rates in Greater Melbourne 2018-19

Thursday 5th December 2019

Top 10 Burglary Rates in Greater Melbourne 2018-19

A burglary happens every 20 minutes in Victoria – but the chance of you falling victim to a break-in could come down to where you live.

People who dwell in one western suburbs postcode have the highest odds in greater Melbourne – a one-in-39-homes chance – a new RACV analysis of Victorian crime statistics shows.

Braybrook, Braybrook North and Robinson, which share the postcode 3019, recorded the worst burglary rate in metropolitan Melbourne during 2018/19.

Other hotspots in Melbourne were 3978 (Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North) with a break and enter risk of one-in-46 homes, and Broadmeadows, Dallas and Jacana (one-in-52).

The state’s worst postcode for burglaries was 3956 – in South Gippsland, which covers suburbs including Dumbalk, Meeniyan, Venus Bay and Walkerville – with a burglary rate of one in 33 homes.

Crime statistics data shows non-aggravated burglaries are down 13 per cent since June 2018, while aggravated burglaries dopped 0.3 per cent.

But the RACV Burglary Report found despite the lower burglary rates, people were still worried about crime.

RACV general manager Raymond Orre said Victorians still needed to be proactive about securing their homes.

“Until crime rates are at zero, there is still reason for concern and, more importantly, action,” he said.

“We found that one in five people have sophisticated home security solutions but rarely or never keep them activated or in working order.

“Regular checks and system tests are a simple way to maintain peace of mind in the home.”

An eastern suburbs woman lost sleep and turned her home into a fortress after being robbed earlier this year.

Thieves broke into Fiona Anderson’s home through the roof on January 16 and stole her jewellery box, which included black pearls from Fiji.

“All my jewellery went – the only thing I had left was what I was wearing,” she said.

“The box itself was not worth a lot but it was valuable to me because my sister had bought it while travelling.”

While Ms Anderson already had CCTV cameras surveilling the house – and a clear picture of the burglar during the daylight break-in – police still haven’t nabbed the thief.

Since then she has installed an electronic gate, extra security cameras and locks on the windows.

“It was just really scary and worrying to think someone had been in our home – in some ways I’m glad we weren’t at home because I don’t know what would have happened,” Ms Anderson said.

“I didn’t sleep for a few nights, I would jump at every noise.”

Victoria Police Superintendent Craig Peel said everyone had the right to feel safe in their homes and communities.

“While we welcome any decline in criminal offending, we know offences such as burglary or home invasion have been of concern in recent times and can have significant and long-lasting effects on victims and the wider community,” he said.

“Victoria Police officers and PSOs will continue to proactively target known hot spots and patrol local areas in an effort to detect, disrupt and apprehend offenders and keep the community safe.”

Neighbourhood Watch Cardinia chair David Farrelly said one way to prevent break-ins was to make friends with your neighbours.

“This is especially important in newer estates where creating an inclusive and engaged community encourages people to look out for each other and for suspicious behaviour,” he said.

Mr Farrelly encouraged people to visit Neighbourhood Watch Victoria’s new website howsafeismyplace.com.au for practical and often inexpensive ways to ensure your property is secure.

You can search the RACV website for the odds of burglary in your suburb.



1. Braybrook, Braybrook North, Robinson – 3019 (postcode) – 1 in 39 homes

2. Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North – 3978 – 1 in 46

3. Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana – 3047 – 1 in 52

4. Beveridge – 3753 – 1 in 55

5. Bellfield, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg West – 3081 – 1 in 56

6. Fitzroy – 3065 – 1 in 57

7. Collingwood, Collingwood North – 3066 – 1 in 58

8. Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Ivanhoe North – 3079 – 1 in 60

9. Kuranjang, Melton, Melton West, Toolern Vale – 3337 – 1 in 60

10. Brookfield, Exford, Eynesbury, Melton South – 1 in 60


1. Dumbulk, Dumbalk North, Meeniyan, Middle Tarwin, Tarwin, Tarwin Lower, Venus Bay, Walkerville, Walkerville South – 3956 (postcode) – 1 in 33 homes

2. Driffield, Hazelwood, Hazelwood North, Hazelwood South, Jeeralang, Jeeralang Junction, Maryvale, Morwell – 3840 – 1 in 33

3. Airly, Seaspray, Montgomery, Darriman – 3851 – 1 in 38

4. Braybrook, Braybrook North, Robinson – 3019 – 1 in 39

5. Ardmona, Coomboona, Mooroopna, Mooroopna North, Undera – 3629 – 1 in 41

6. Bamawm Extension, Echuca, Kanyapella, Patho, Rosylnmead, Wharparilla – 3564 – 1 in 42

7. Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North – 3978 – 1 in 46

8. Mildura, Mildura West – 3500 – 1 in 47

9. Branditt, Caniambo, Colliver, Dunkirk, Shepparton, Shepparton South – 3630 – 1 in 47

10. Corio, Norlane, North Shore – 3214 – 1 in 47


– Install good quality locks on doors and windows

– Lock all windows and doors – unlocked side and rear doors are the most common entry point for burglars

– Ensure garage doors and internal access to the house and backyard are locked.

– Make your house look occupied – ask a friend, family member or neighbour to check your mail and take in the bins

– Install an alarm system and/or CCTV

– In the event of an aggravated burglary phone triple-0

(Source: Victoria Police)

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