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Utilize your existing AR-15 platform with the SIRT-AR Bolt for high volume, sustainable diagnostic training. By replacing your bolt carrier with the SIRT-AR Bolt you will be able to train with a self resetting trigger that activates a shot indicating laser in your rifle. Simply open the rear takedown pin, remove your bolt carrier, insert the SIRT-AR Bolt and trigger bar, close and latch the take down pin and you are ready to train!

With the SIRT-AR Bolt, you can now train shooting with an offset, weapons manipulation, mag changes, presentation shots, transitions from primary to secondary, and strong side to weak side.

Features & Benefits
Designed for advanced dry fire training
Convert your AR-15 in 20 seconds
Adjustable shot indicating green laser ($199) or red laser ($139)
SIRT-AR Bolt works with your upper on your lower
Replaces your bolt carrier
Universal to fit all Mil Spec AR Triggers*
NOT compatible with Colt AR/M4’s that have Full auto selector*
Enables your lower’s trigger to auto-reset
Green laser has 200+ yard visibility through optics
Red laser has 50 yard visibility through optics
Not rackable
Uses Lithium CR123 Batteries
Made in the USA

* Prices will vary depend on quantity ordered and some products require permits.