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Armed Security Patrols

Armed Security Patrols

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KMA Security is proudly Australian owned and operated and we are very focused on ethics, the rule of law and family values.

KMA believes it is better to be proactive rather than reactive.

KMA Security individually tailors security solutions for each task.

KMA consultants achieve this by:

  • Thorough risk investigation and analysis
  • Stakeholder consultancy
  • Develop and implement a risk management plan to meet AS/NZS ISO 31000 2009

This Risk Management Plan allows us to identify the scope of work and to be able to manage the risks and review those for compliance and efficiency.  

Once established KMA Security combines risk treatment methods through CCTV, alarms and physical armed response.

KMA Security currently run Facilities management security services across metro Melbourne.


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Our services include:

Armed Security Patrols
The focus of our security services is to ensure that you, your employees, customers, and the general public can feel safe and secure under our supervision. Our patrol cars are fitted with satellite trackers, dash cams & body cams for the preservation of crucial evidence often needed to properly prosecute caught offenders.
Armed Static Guards
All of our staff have received nationally accredited training in security and in the use of specialised equipment including firearms. The presence of security guards acts as a visual deterrent to any form of misconduct and provides a reassuring air of professionalism and safety.
Precinct Security Solutions
Business districts, religious communities, building sites, commercial districts can all benefite from a precint security solution that spreads the load across a wider geographic area.
KMA Securities offer the most exclusive and experienced CPP/Bodyguard services in Australia bar none. Director Adam Wright is extremely well known both here in Australia as well as Europe and the USA. All work remains strictly confidential.
KMA Risk Management
KMA Securities takes a different view to Security Solutions by defining the task via a risk assessment. Once the risk assessment is done a solution is offered. The risk management plan allows for evolution as the situation changes and new needs occur.
We are committed to providing employment opportunities to ex first responders, ex military and ex police. Our staff have the best access to the industries best equipment and ongoing professional training.