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Top 10 Burglary Rates in Greater Melbourne 2018-19
Thursday 5th December 2019
What are the odds thieves will ransack your house? A new RACV analysis predicts your chances of a break-in, based on new crime statistics. See how your suburb rates.
Home invasion suspects show 'no signs of slowing down', police say
Wednesday 29th May 2019
Three teenagers wanted over a violent two-night home invasion and car theft spree have been in custody before and have shown no signs of slowing down, police say.
Crime gangs probed in Melb club shooting
Monday 15th April 2019
Detectives are investigating criminal gang links to the the weekend shooting at a Melbourne nightclub that's likely to claim a second life.
Crime in Victoria: Latest statistics show burglary drop across Victoria
Wednesday 6th February 2019
Police have stepped up their campaign warning people to secure their homes and cars, after new data revealed nearly 83,000 break-ins in 12 months. How did your suburb fare?
How dangerous is Australia for women?
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
In the past week, Australians have been shocked by the killing of a young woman who had been walking home at night in Melbourne.
Australian leaders respond to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
Sunday 28th October 2018
The Community Security Group reminded the community that, despite not raising the alert level, an attack on the Jewish community is “likely”.