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Crime in Victoria: Latest statistics show burglary drop across Victoria

Wednesday 6th February 2019
By: Rachel Clayton, Leader Newspapers

Police have stepped up their campaign warning people to lock up and keep valuables out of sight in their homes and cars, after new data revealed nearly 83,000 break-ins within 12 months.

The Victoria Police statistics for the year to September 2018 revealed criminals broke into 27,093 homes, and 55,795 cars.

There were also 18,510 shop thefts.

Superintendent Susan Thomas said theft from a vehicle accounted for 11 per cent of all offences in Victoria.

While car break-ins were down 12 per cent on the year before, there was a worrying new trend.

“We’re now seeing theft from motor vehicles occurring more at residential areas rather than at transport hubs and shopping centres,” Supt Thomas said.

“In about 50 per cent of incidents there are no visible signs of forced entry, which indicates the vehicle door has been left unlocked or open or the window has been left down.”

Among items most commonly stolen were power tools, with almost $44 million worth stolen from vehicles over the past year.

In houses, Supt Thomas said unlocked side and rear doors were the most common entry points for burglars.

She recommended homeowners installed quality locks, alarms and locked all windows and doors.

“Remove valuable items from plain sight — particularly car keys, wallets and cash. Make your house look occupied at all times. For example, ask a neighbour to bring in your mail and bins if you’re away for a while and organise to have your lawns mowed,” she said.

Victoria Police has developed a series of crime prevention fact sheets to educate and empower the community to keep themselves, their family and community safe.

They are available at police.vic.gov.au

Top 10 Melbourne local government areas for car break-ins:

Darebin 2353

Hume 2346

Moreland 2257

Brimbank 2157

Casey 2154

Greater Geelong 1981

Greater Dandenong 1868

Whittlesea 1738

Monash 1704

Port Phillip 1721

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