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Concierge Services

KMA Security is proudly Australian owned and operated and we are very focused on ethics, the rule of law and family values.

Concierge security professionals are trained to have a very high-security professional standard.

They are usually stationed at your building entrance, monitoring all the activities that occur around your building.

KMA Security will prioritize safety and give your clients peace of mind.

KMA Security currently run Facilities Management security services across metro Melbourne.

Benefits of having our Concierge Services include;

  •     Protecting your business around the clock
  •     Enabling your people – be it customers, employees, or the general public – to feel safe no matter what the location
  •     Inspection of your premises and provision of recommended ways to minimise risks of theft, accidents or any other criminal activity
  •     Acting as a visual deterrent of crime
  •     Handling potential trespassing and vandalism by being present and patrolling the premises
  •     Fulfilling business-mandated security policies such as monitoring CCTV cameras, gates, entrances and checking alarm systems
  •     Controlling access points for visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry into a property.


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Our services include:

UnArmed Security Patrols
  • Building Sites
  • Business Parks
  • Facilities Services
  • Owners Corporations
  • Gatehouse Security
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Centres
Concierge Guards
  • Fun Parks
  • Hospital/Aged Care Facilities
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Car Parking Blocks
  • Front of House Guards
  • School Security
  • University Security
Facilities Management
  • Business Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Office Security
  • Apartment Security/Concierge
  • Hotel Security/Concierge Services
  • Warehouse Security
  • Residential/Commercial Property Lockdown