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  • Bonowi 20
Bonowi 20


Bonowi 20" Steel Smartlock Baton

Code : BON-EKA-51

Bonowi Batons are known as being the wold's best expandable baton. These batons have exceptional strength and are among the easiest police batons to retract. Bonowi Batons feature a patented Smartlock push button closure. Bonowi batons retract by pressing a button on the end cap, and pushing the tip downwards back into the handle of the baton. Unlike other push button closing batons, this baton does not wobble in the extended or retracted position.

Bonowi is a worldwide leader in high quality police products. The Bonowi baton is made with high quality materials and unmatched workmanship. The Bonowi baton is sure to impress. They feature a push button closing mechanism. They are closed by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the shafts back together by hand. Expansion is like that of all other expandable batons. These expand by swinging the baton or by pulling the tip out by hand.

* Prices will vary depend on quantity ordered and some products require permits.